Study of the Molecular Basis of Tame and Aggressive Behavior in the Silver Fox Model

International Collaborative Study between
The James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health, Cornell University, USA,
The Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, and
Department of Biology, University of Utah, USA




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Aggresive Foxes
Standard Test
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  Tame Foxes  
Standard Test
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Behavior of all foxes included in the study is tested by the standardized scheme. Videos 1 and 3 demonstrate behavior of foxes from aggressive and tame populations in the standard test.

The standard test includes five steps:
1- observer approaching fox cage;
2- observer stays near closed cage;
3- observer is near open cage but does not initiate tactile contact;
4- tactile contact;
5- observer stays near closed cage.

Each step (except step one) is 1 minute long (in the movie the length of each step was decreased about two times). Fox behavior during the entire test is videotaped to preserve a permanent record, and to allow subsequent detailed analyses of fox behavior during the test. Each fox is tested at least twice at several age points by the same observer.


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